Expanded Clay Geotechnical Fill

Geotechnical Fill

Expanded Clay Aggregate is a cost effective alternative to soil or heavyweight fills in geotechnical constructions. Because of its lower weight, about 60% of normal weight fills.


• Slop Stabilisation • Subgrade Stabilisation and Improvement • Gas Ventilation for Landfills • Thermal Insulation • Landscape & Plaza Fill • Fill Over pipelines and Conduits • Fill Over Poor Soils and Marshlands • Fill Behind Bulkhead & retaining walls


• Readily Available • Easy to Handle and Install • Can Be Placed in Any Weather • No Waiting Between Placing Lifts • Lower Transportation Costs • Less Wear on Equipment • Easily compacted • Allows higher fill construction


• Cost Effective • Water Insoluable • Chemically Inert • High Durability • Increased Stability • Free Draining • Thermal Insulation • Reduced Dead Loads • Acid Insoluable • High Strength • Environmentally Friendly