Green Roof - Notts

Expanded Clay Media used as substrate for Green Roof Project – Nottinghamshire, UK

Expanded Clay has recently supplied the media for a Green Roof in Nottinghamshire, UK . Green Roofs are not only striking and aesthetically attractive, they also have key beneficial factors;


– Improve Air Quality

– Regulates the buildings temperature

– Reduces Carbon Footprint

– Reduces Noise Pollution


Our Expanded Clay is used as the growing media due to the product being lightweight, spherical in shape to allow aeration around the roots and the ability to hold 30% of its weight in water to feed the plants during dry periods.


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Expanded Clay used for Sportsturf

Sports fields across the UK are steadily replacing grass with artificial turf to assist with all weather conditions, allowing teams of all levels to play and train on surfaces throughout the whole year. Using Lightweight Expanded Clay underneath the artificial surface, the media provides good insulation in the winter months and great water drainage to combat waterlogged pitches. Expanded clay is a lightweight aggregate manufactured from naturally occurring clay.  It is non-toxic, disease free, chemically inert and has a neutral pH. Also being lightweight, installation and transportation of the material is lower than rival products.


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Expanded Clay Hydroponics

Using Expanded Clay for Horticulture

Expanded Clay is seen as a great media to be used within horticultural hydroponic setups. The Expanded Clay is lightweight, it is inert, it has a neutral pH and can retain 25% of its weight in water, this allows for plants to be fed during dry seasons. Expanded Clay is also beneficial to plants as its spherical shape allows good aeration around the roots for optimum growth.


Our Expanded Clay Media comes in 4 different sizes; 0-5mm, 4-10mm, 0/20mm and 10/20mm to cater for all plant types.



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Green Wall 4

Expanded Clay, The Best Support Media for Green Walls

Expanded Clay (UK) has recent supplied our Expanded Clay Media for a large Green Wall project in the South East, UK. Not only the Green Walls look aesthetically great, it also offers insulation to save on heating costs and produces Oxygen to promote a healthier communal space. Our Expanded Clay is also widely used within the Green Roof industry for the same reasons.

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Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregate

Expanded CLay (UK) increases production for 2020

Due to the increase in global demand last year for our Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, we have increased production for 2020. We now have more stock available on the ground ready for larger projects and immediate dispatch. We have increased volumes of all production on our grades to satisfy our current and new customer needs.

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Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregate

Expanded Clay – The perfect Geotechnical and Drainage Media

Expanded Clay is a great media when used as geotechnical backfill. Being easy to install with its spherical shape, lightweight, providing good insulation around underground piping and offering excellent drainage capabilities.

Also depending on the size of the project, we offer the Expanded Clay Media in either 50 litre packs, IBC Bags or loose in bulk.

Pic - 1









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Sound Proof Wall

Expanded Clay in Sound Proof Walls

Expanded Clay when mixed with concrete is a great solution for producing sound proofed walls. Our Expanded Clay media is currently used in many construction company’s mixes worldwide. The Airborne Sound is absorbed within the lightweight material, which particularly benefits rooms with sound reverberation issues in conference rooms, cafeterias and other large open spaces.


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