Expanded Clay for Green Roofs

Expanded clay works great on green roofing, its light weight & easiness in water draining makes it a perfect choice.


Expanded Clay is used as the growing media due to the product being lightweight, spherical in shape to allow aeration around the roots and the ability to hold 30% of its weight in water to feed the plants during dry periods.

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Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregate

Lightweight Aggregate

Expanded Clay as “Lightweight Aggregate” has a great compressive strength. Expanded Clay granules stick together with a low dose of cement, forming lightweight grout which is great for supporting the loads used on foundations and non-structural construction components (floors, partition walls, supports.etc)


  • Foundations and floorings.
  • Foundations against soil.
  • Flat roofs and slope construction on roofs.
  • Lofts.
  • Backfills.
  • Landscaping and hanging gardens.
  • Geotecnical applications and roads.
  • Lightweight concrete casting.
  • Other products.

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Expanded Clay Geotechnical Fill

Geotechnical Fill

Expanded Clay Aggregate is a cost effective alternative to soil or heavyweight fills in geotechnical constructions. Because of its lower weight, about 60% of normal weight fills.


• Slop Stabilisation • Subgrade Stabilisation and Improvement • Gas Ventilation for Landfills • Thermal Insulation • Landscape & Plaza Fill • Fill Over pipelines and Conduits • Fill Over Poor Soils and Marshlands • Fill Behind Bulkhead & retaining walls


• Readily Available • Easy to Handle and Install • Can Be Placed in Any Weather • No Waiting Between Placing Lifts • Lower Transportation Costs • Less Wear on Equipment • Easily compacted • Allows higher fill construction


• Cost Effective • Water Insoluable • Chemically Inert • High Durability • Increased Stability • Free Draining • Thermal Insulation • Reduced Dead Loads • Acid Insoluable • High Strength • Environmentally Friendly

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