Expanded Clay Geotechnical Fill

Expanded Clay beneficial for Limecrete Flooring

Expanded Clay used for flooring is beneficial because it is very lightweight material, durable, fireproof and hardy. Also the humidity resistance reduces the risk of mould or fungus which may occur using rival materials. Expanded clay is used as a layer of insulation floor on the ground, and due to its properties, it reduces the need for additional layers as is the case with polystyrene foam insulation.

Expanded clay replaces the three standard layers of insulation. As the media is evenly distributed (on even on uneven ground), you do not need to have a sand bed. The low density of expanded clay constitutes a sufficiently stable ground under the floor, so you can dispense with the concrete base. Furthermore expanded clay as a ceramic material has the ability to accumulate heat from the room and overcome the adverse impact watercourses.


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